For Current Vendors

Rules and Regulations

Chelan Evening Farmers Market has created a comprehensive handbook that outlines all of the rules, regulations, and other important information for vendors at our markets.  Vendors are expected to abide by all of the rules set forth in this handbook at all times.

The 2019 vendor handbook is coming soon.

Market policies

Part of what makes our markets unique and successful is that they also serve as community gathering places and sources of education about the local food movement. Below please find details concerning our market policies, including community partnerships, on-site issues, and events and programs at the market.


Music buskers are permitted when space allows. They are asked to check in at the Market Information booth and wait for the Market Manager who will assign them an area if available. If pre-scheduled, CEFM offers $50/day for buskers in addition to what can be earned by “passing-the-hat”.  Peddlers are not allowed to set up within the market or within ten feet of its perimeter.

Community Booths

Non-profit groups, art groups, and civic groups
may be given stall space at the discretion of the Board. Application must be
made to the Board and approved before the group may be assigned a stall. The
application should include the purpose of the organization and an explanation of the activities the group plans at the booth. The purpose of the community group must be in harmony with the mission of the Market and the requested stall must serve the community and enhance the Market. Political advocacy, proselytizing, and promotion of an ideology will not be allowed. Vendors have priority for stall space over community groups. Both the $25 membership fee and daily stall fees are waived for members.

Dog and Pet Manners

Vendors may not bring a dog to the Market without permission, with the exception of service dogs.

CEFM management reserves the right to request that owners remove pets from the market.

Gross Sales Reporting

CEFM recognizes the sensitivity around gross sales reporting by vendors, but believes the compiling of market sales statistics is essential to the financial management and efficient operation of the Market. In order to maintain the highest vendor confidentiality, CEFM market staff follows these procedures:

Vendors are requested to submit completed gross sales forms by product:

  • Category for each market day attended and to represent themselves with honesty and integrity.
  • Forms may be submitted anonymously.
  • Forms are collected in a closed container.
  • Only the Market Manager is privy to the original forms and they are not permitted to discuss the sales tallies for individual vendors.
  • Raw data is incorporated into a spreadsheet by category grouping and not by vendor name.
  • Forms are destroyed after they are compiled into a spreadsheet.


CEFM’s Board of Directors is dedicated to consumer education as a critical component of building sales for local agriculture. Vendors’ fees at CEFM cover the basic cost of operating the markets, including site rental, permits, advertising, and insurance. In order to keep vendors’ fees as low as possible and still fund educational outreach, CEFM solicits sponsors for special events, including market festivals, and the music stage. Sponsor candidates are evaluated on an individual basis to ensure there is not direct conflict with the Market’s mission. In addition, CEFM holds annual fundraising events, receives numerous in-kind donations, benefits from the support of volunteers, and cultivates community partners.

Vendor Roster Publication

CEFM supports an open policy in regards to publishing the vendor roster (with pre-approval by the vendor). The roster is posted on the CEFM website and individual names released upon inquiry by the press or potential customers. Vendors are asked to indicate on their applications if they want CEFM to release their personal information. No vendor’s name will be posted or given without signed permission by the vendor. The vendor roster will not be shared or sold by the CEFM staff or Board members to prospective markets or competitors for the purpose of soliciting vendors. Please provide any information and links to current websites to the market manager for inclusion in the website. Free advertising!

Market Programs and Special Events

Market programs and special events are the vehicles for enacting CEFM’s educational goals. CEFM believes if markets are to continue to grow and flourish it is critical to educate consumers on the value of supporting regional agriculture. We plan to annually review and evaluate all our programs in terms of costs and benefits, deleting and adding programs where appropriate. Funding for these activities could be raised through sponsors and in-kind donations. In addition, volunteers could give hours of their time to ensure the success of these events.



Live music at the market provides enjoyable entertainment, creates a festive atmosphere, and builds community. CEFM schedules musicians for the market. Whenever you find yourself tapping your foot or dancing in your booth, think about giving the musicians a tip in trade. Musicians report that their favorite part of playing at CEFM is the generous gifts of produce and market goodies they receive.


Volunteers are very special folks—we love them and we couldn’t operate the market with them! Volunteers donate their personal time to support our vendors and help the market by staffing the information booth and many other activities.