Does CEFM receive city or state funding to operate its markets?

No, CEFM is a not-for-profit organization operated by volunteer staff and governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. The organization is funded through vendor fees, the generous support of market sponsors, and countless hours of volunteer time. Chelan Evening Farmers Market receives no city, state, or federal funding.

Does CEFM operate all the farmers’ markets in Chelan?

No, CEFM is currently a single market. There is another Market in Chelan on Saturday mornings located in the Chamber of Commerce Parking lot.

How long has CEFM been around?

Chelan Evening Farmers Market completed its first market season in 2011. Our Farmer-centric market began in early 2011. His goals for that vision are:

  1. Eat locally
  2. Initiate living wage farm jobs
  3. Facilitate new young farmers
  4. Create an event of merit for downtown Chelan

How do I become a CEFM vendor?

CEFM accepts new vendor applications before the start of each market season in April. Find out how you can apply to become a vendor.

How can I become a market volunteer?

Volunteers are essential to every aspect of our mission. Our wonderful volunteer base allows us to meet our goals of supporting locally grown and prepared foods by maintaining a successful farmers’ market and educating the public on the importance of buying locally. Would you like to help out?  You’ll be spending time with great folks and great food! If you are interested in becoming a market volunteer, contact our Market Manager.

Can I bring my pet to the market?

Vendors may not bring dogs to the Market without prior permission, with the exception of service dogs.

CEFM management reserves the right to request that owners remove pets from the market.

I am a musician and I’d love to play at the market, who do I contact?

CEFM has committed to pay pre-scheduled musicians/entertainers $50 per day to share their talent with our market. If you are interested in playing during one of our markets, please contact our Music Coordinator.

Does CEFM allow Buskers or Peddlers at the market?

Music buskers are permitted when space allows. They are asked to check in at the Market Information booth and wait for the Market Manager who will assign them an area if available. If pre-scheduled, CEFM offers $50/day for buskers in addition to what can be earned by “passing-the-hat”.  Peddlers are not allowed to set up within the market or within ten feet of its perimeter.

Can I use my credit card at the market?

CEFM does not itself provide this service but many vendors have their own way to accept credit cards. There are also 2 banks within 1 block of the market where you can get cash out of the ATM there.

Visit the Market Information booth if you have any questions.

Does CEFM allow community organizations to set up a table at the market?

CFEM provides space for groups conducting educational outreach related to our organization’s mission and values. Specifically, we ask that partnering organizations have their major focus in at least one of these areas:

  • Leadership in the farm direct movement
  • Promotion of consumer support for local agriculture
  • Development of distribution channels for farm direct products
  • Preservation and stewardship of farmland
  • Food policy advocacy focused on our region’s agricultural community
  • Food and nutrition with an emphasis on access to local, fresh foods by people of all income levels
  • Public outreach regarding sustainable agricultural/gardening practices

Other non-profits may also take part. Pre-approval from CEFM manager will be required. Contact manager@chelanfarmersmarket.org

Why does CEFM offer additional programs and events?

Market programs and special events are the vehicles for enacting CEFM’s educational goals. CEFM believes if markets are to continue to grow and flourish it is critical to educate consumers on the value of supporting regional agriculture. We will annually review and evaluate all our programs in terms of costs and benefits, deleting and adding programs where appropriate. Funding for these activities is raised through sponsors and in-kind donations. In addition, volunteers give countless hours of their time to ensure the success of these events.

Why does CEFM have sponsors?

CEFM’s Board of Directors is dedicated to consumer education as a critical component of building sales for local agriculture. Vendors’ fees at CEFM cover the basic cost of operating the markets, including site rental, permits, advertising, insurance, and staffing. In order to keep vendors’ fees as low as possible and still fund educational outreach, CEFM solicits sponsors for special events, including market festivals, and the music stage. Sponsor candidates are evaluated on an individual basis to ensure there is not direct conflict with the Market’s mission. In addition, CEFM holds annual fund-raising events, receives numerous in-kind donations, benefits from the support of volunteers, and cultivates community partners.